Home Skin Care Why Should You Apply Milk Of Magnesia On The Face Before Makeup?

Why Should You Apply Milk Of Magnesia On The Face Before Makeup?

Why Should You Apply Milk Of Magnesia On The Face Before Makeup?

Why Should You Apply Milk Of Magnesia On The Face Before Makeup?

It’s so funny if I tell you that everyone has sworn not to use fast-reacting beauty products on the face a few minutes ago. But whenever we open a YouTube channel, all beauty experts explain the benefits of milk of magnesia. The incredible results force us to use it, especially the result it produces as a makeup primer. People always follow beauty experts and use milk of magnesia as a primer. So, don’t think it’s only you; everyone follows the beauty tips of YouTube. 

When we search on the internet about the milk of magnesia, we find two schools of thought about it. One school of thought says avoid milk of magnesia because it is a laxative product. A laxative product can damage skin badly. The other school of thought has declared milk of magnesia as a magic makeup primer. It will be interesting to know what magic milk of magnesia will create before makeup. But before revealing its magic, do you have an idea which we call milk of magnesia?

Introduction Of Milk Of Magnesia

People who hear that term for the first time might consider it a milk product. But in reality, it has no kind of relation with milk. Its name creates confusion for people. In reality, the milk of magnesia is a brand name of the chemical known as “Magnesium hydroxide solution.” This solution aims to provide medical support to individuals by drinking a small amount of it. Milk of magnesia has a resemblance with the milk in its outlook. It is a milky liquid of white color having very alkaline PH. This product is famous for being corrosive and irritating. But it happens when you apply an excessive amount of it on your face.

The Invention Of Milk Of Magnesia

The use of this milky-looking chemical is very famous before makeup. How many of you know who developed it first? If you think that it is a new invention, you are wrong. The solution, known as milk of magnesia, is an 8% solution of magnesium hydroxide. Back in the 1970s, it was developed, patented, and released to the public by Philips for antacid use.

What Is The Basic Purpose Of Milk Of Magnesia?

The main function of milk of magnesia is to improve heartburn and act as a laxative. It is excellent to use when you have eaten so much. It treats constipation and gives you immediate relief.

The next effective usage of milk of magnesia is the elimination of excessive sweating. It’s better to replace the usual deodorant with milk of magnesia because of its effectiveness. When you apply it, let it dry before wearing clothes. It is recommended to use it every day for one or two months. 

Why Is Milk Of Magnesia So Effective Before Makeup?

It’s time to learn why magnesia milk is the favorite of various beauty experts.

  • Improves And Clarify Oily Skin:

When you apply milk of magnesia on the face, it shrinks the pores. Moreover, it soaks the oil of the face and stops excess oil production. Less oil production makes your look fresh, and makeup sustains for a longer period. 

  • No Sweating:

The sweating on your face destroys all your efforts on makeup. The makeup started flowing from the face, and you had to run to the washroom for a touchup. But by using milk of magnesia, your face won’t sweat. In that way, it protects your makeup for a long period. 

  • Controls Extra Shine Of Face:

The application of milk of magnesia stores the extra shine of the face. This shine happens because of its laxative property. The shine of your face makes you look more beautiful and enhances your makeup quality.

  • It’s Effective Against Gently Stripping Of Blackheads:

Most of us have used strips to remove blackheads from the face and nose. But the milk of magnesia is a gentler way for this than strips. You only have to cover areas where you have blackheads with milk of magnesia. Let it try and clean it off with warm water. Nothing can be a better treatment than this for blackheads before makeup.

  • Very Effective Against Skin Rashes:

If you have to go somewhere, and you have skin rashes. This condition will put you under a lot of stress. If you want to get out of this stress, use milk of magnesia. Its acidic properties easily neutralize the acidic effect that has caused rashes on the face. Moreover, it will act as a disinfectant to prevent a rash from spreading. 

  • Very Good Choice As A Facial Mask For Oily Skin:

Suppose you have oily skin and want to balance your complexion before going to any event. Use a face mask of milk magnesia for this kind of result. Furthermore, it neutralizes the acids of your skin that cause acne on the face. If we call it a natural ingredient to remove impurities, there is nothing wrong with it. 

  • Effective Cleanser:

Face cleansing is important to remove dirt and dead skin from the face. The makeup on fresh-looking skin always shows its grace. Dull and dry skin reduces the impact of perfect makeup. If you have oily skin, you can’t get the best cleanser other than the milk of magnesia because it is considered an ideal cleansing source for those who have oily skin.

Final Comments

Experts suggest the usage of milk of magnesia before makeup because of its fast and beneficial results. It is acidic, so; you can’t call it safe for the skin. So, if you want to benefit from it, you have to make smart usage of it. Otherwise, it can produce harmful effects on your skin. So, for obtaining the above milk results of magnesia, avoid using it in excess amounts. Always use it as prescribed by the beauty experts because they know better how to get the most out of each product.


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