Home Exercises What sport or exercises are better to strengthen and take care of your back?

What sport or exercises are better to strengthen and take care of your back?

What sport or exercises are better to strengthen and take care of your back?

Daily sport is necessary to strengthen the whole body, and prevent future illnesses or diseases when we are elderly. The health of the back is very important since it is what supports the whole body. If your back is not adequately strengthened, you will find that you will soon suffer from many conditions.

What sport is better to strengthen the muscles of the back?

If you have suffered from back pain lately and want to improve it, the first thing you should do is to channel exactly the place of pain. In order for you to choose the right sport to improve your spine instead of ruining it much more. Next, we list the most recommended exercises to strengthen the back: 

  • Swimming

This is an exercise that will be beneficial for your back. Improve your lung capacity and regulate blood circulation. In addition, your muscles and joints will immediately relax in contact with the water. In other words, swimming will offer you hundreds of benefits that will make your body look amazing.

  • Pilates

Pilates is very beneficial for the body, as it strengthens the muscles and joints using breathing. It is very likely that the spinal pain you are feeling is caused by poor posture. All this is corrected with the postures taught by Pilates, forcing you to use your breath as a means to gain flexibility.

  • Yoga to strengthen the back

Yoga is a practice very similar to Pilates, since it requires that you have good posture and a straight back at all times. It is about connecting the body with the mind so that all the muscles and joints of the body are in tune. With each day of practice, you will notice how your body is gaining much more flexibility and strength.

Benefits of strengthening the back

The back is the part of the body with the most powerful muscles in the body. And in each exercise or stretching routine, the importance of strengthening your back is reiterated in order to enjoy good health for a long time. If the back muscles are adequately strengthened, healthy and flexible, the bones of the spine will be very well protected against any damage.

If you focus too much on strengthening other parts of the body and not the back, you are risking your body to suffer a very strong muscle imbalance. Which will greatly influence your posture, balance, and the general stabilization of the body.

In the same way, by having other muscles of the body stronger than the back, we risk suffering serious injuries by adding much more weight to the body than it can support.

Moving further towards the morphological benefits of having a strengthened back, the muscles protect the spine from losing its curvature and developing deviations such as scoliosis or hyperlordosis.

In the same way, having the bones of the spine adequately protected and strengthened will help us to move better little by little. And as the elderly, we protect ourselves from suffering from back pain or being left in a wheelchair due to vertebral problems.

Exercise routine to strengthen the back

If you have decided to take better care of your back, the first thing you have to know is that to properly strengthen it, you must focus on working all the muscles that make it up. Not just a few, but each and every one of them. This way you make sure that no area of ​​your back is left unprotected.

  • Rowing: If you have access to a lake, rowing in a canoe can be a very beneficial exercise for your back. Otherwise, you can use a special machine in the gym without using weight.
  • Leg Raise: Recommended for stretching the lower back. You have to sit with a straight back slightly tilted back. Legs stretched forward. Raise one leg up and touch it with your corresponding hand. If it’s the left leg, use the left hand.
  • Pelvic lift: It will strengthen your back at the same time as your gluts. Lie on your back with your legs bent and supporting yourself with your arms, lift your hips up. And then go down to the starting position.


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