Home Hair Care What haircut or bangs suits an oval or long face? What are the best haircuts for oval faces?

What haircut or bangs suits an oval or long face? What are the best haircuts for oval faces?

What haircut or bangs suits an oval or long face? What are the best haircuts for oval faces?

For each type of face, there is a type of hair that suits you very well. However, for round and oval faces it is somewhat difficult to find that specific cut that highlights the face, and the most important thing is that it lengthens the face a little more and see it more stylized. Find your best hair style here!

How to know which haircut or bangs goes with an oval face?

It is not always easy to decide which style of cut suits us best. Sometimes the angle of the hair is not very good, or it simply does not highlight the face as we want.

However, having an oval face is one of the best situations, because practically any of the haircuts for oval faces, or bangs for oval faces will be perfect with the shape of your face. So rejoice and experiment with different styles without fear.

When you want to try a straight bangs, make sure it is not completely and strictly straight. The bangs for oval faces recommending have an even transition.

That is, instead of cutting a strand completely straight, it is recommended to create a semicircle. Let it start long, get shorter, go straight and then finish long again. This will prevent the face from being too bade.

In the same way, it happens with the half side bangs, it is a great fringe for an oval face. You should always generate a correct transition. In the same way, this type of bangs will help to hide a very wide forehead, and therefore the face will look much more stylized behind the hair curtain.

Combining the bangs with a good hairstyle will also make a lot of difference. Especially since the bangs are combined with the rest of the hair and thus the face can look much better.

Best haircuts for oval or elongated face

If you already know what clothes to use for chubby girls, but you are still looking for the ideal hair style to highlight your face and make it look a little more stylized, here we bring you the best ideas for you.

  • Very short hair with half side bangs

This is a style that you can bet on if you want. The hair will be very short, without any type of waves and finally, a small fringe that falls on your forehead. To highlight the face and project the look much more, this type of cut will be ideal for you.

  • Long hair with waves

Long, wavy hair is ideal for making your face look more feminine and delicate. An oval face, within a long and abundant mane without bangs will be perfect. Bring your long hair to life!

  • Medium mane

Special to give the face much more angle. It is a tiered mid- length style, with a length that reaches the shoulders, it will be ideal for your face to stand out and acquire a much more angular shape towards the sides instead of oval. Experiment with many other styles!

 What type of hair goes well with each type of face?

Each type of face is ideal with different hair styles. However, most of them are perfectly combined with a thick and healthy mane. But if you want to get out of the ordinary, check out these styles:

Triangular face with long straight hair

The triangular face is one of the faces with the most opportunities for styles, its angles offer a perfect opportunity to interact with the different styles. However, long straight hair will be the most striking. The face is very well framed, and the right angles blend together perfectly.

Square face and a lot of volume

The more hair around the square face, the better. In this case, a round hair style will counteract the stated angles of a square face. So you can cut it to the shoulders, and fill it with waves or curlers that you can later smooth to give it more life.

Square face with high ponytail

Again, having your face framed makes a lot of difference. In this case, gathering the hair in a high ponytail ensures that the waves cascade down the entire face.



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