Home Exercises What exercises with rubber bands or elastic or resistance bands can I do at home to tone my body?

What exercises with rubber bands or elastic or resistance bands can I do at home to tone my body?

What exercises with rubber bands or elastic or resistance bands can I do at home to tone my body?

Exercises with resistance bands or elastic bands are very practical and effective since you can do them at home very comfortably. In this article we will facilitate how it is used and we will give you some simple and vigorous routines to see better results, without so many complications.

Many wonder the effectiveness of whether exercises with elastic bands at home work since a gym is more complete but the answer is yes. Its convenience to use even in tight and narrow spaces has become a reliable option, and the results it leaves end up being favorable.

What do the colors of the elastic bands mean?

The colors of the elastic bands represent the resistance of the bands, that is, certain colors are for greater intensity and strength, starting from yellow and ending in black. We will detail each of them below.

Yellow: This is for beginners, you could say that it is the super lightweight from 0.5 to 3 kilos. It is recommended for warm-ups, if you want to start a rigorous training.

Red: it is the one that follows yellow, it could be said that the difference is not so noticeable, since its maximum weight is 1 to 3.5 kilos.

Green: This color becomes only a little more complicated since it ranges from 1 to 4.5 kilos. Ideal for exercising legs and back.

Blue: this is the average weight, ranging from 1.5 to 6 kilos, where you begin to notice the difference. You can do exercises with these elastic bands for legs and buttocks.

Black: It is for an advanced level as it feels heavier. The weight ranges from 2 to 8 kilos. Like blue, it is ideal for legs, buttocks and back.

Gold: this heavy elastic band is ideal for heavy training due to its weight that ranges from 2 to 9 kilos. It is highly recommended for increasing muscle mass. Do exercises with these elastic bands for back, chest and legs, that is, your largest muscles.

How to do exercises with elastic bands for arms

To show off your arms as fitness as possible, we recommend some perfect routines along with the names of the exercises for these elastic bands step by step, so that you can shape and firm them satisfactorily.

Before starting you have to know that: If you want to have more defined arms, do many repetitions with a not so high weight. On the other hand, if you need volume, that is, muscle mass, try to do 8 to 10 repetitions maximum, trying to increase the weight of the bands whenever you can. Taking this into account, you will know how to carry out the following exercises.

Seated row: for this exercise you must be sitting with your legs straight and use the tips of your feet as a support for the band, and then we will pull towards our body using only the arms, without moving the torso so much.

Bicep curl: for this exercise you need a bench, sitting you have to position your elbow on the knee, you will use your feet as a tensioner so that your arm goes up and down. Make sure you use a correct position, only moving your forearm and that you feel the intensity in your biceps.

Standing or crown triceps extension: for this exercise, as its name says, you have to stand using your feet as a tensioner and stretch your hands up with the elastic band. Behind your head the elbow should be to the side and out without moving it so that you feel the intensity in your triceps.

How Resistance Bands Work

Elastic bands will give you a better performance if you are a beginner. Well, they are easier than dumbbells and other elements.

By doing exercises for the legs and buttocks or back and chest with elastic bands everything becomes easier without a doubt. Their function will depend on whether you have something to hold them with, and that supports the tension of the bands, such as your feet.

You can also place them on a support if you do some type of exercises with elastic bands for your abdomen. The result they can give you is similar to that of a gym and is quite comfortable.


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