Home Exercises What exercises should I do to lose weight or lose weight quickly?

What exercises should I do to lose weight or lose weight quickly?

What exercises should I do to lose weight or lose weight quickly?

When we improve our lifestyle, we find many benefits of fitness, mainly in our physique. We get much healthier skin, our self-esteem increases and we feel much more energetic. The whole body must be exercised, including the arms! Learn how to do it here.

Dance workout routine to slim your arms

The best exercises to lose weight for women are those that include dancing. However, in addition to lowering the entire body, so that the arms can look perfect, you must tone them. Otherwise, the muscle will be very loose giving the impression of thin but flabby arms, and we don’t want that.

  • One of the best 30 min cardio routines to lose weight fast. Insanity offers you an incredible opportunity to lose weight while toning all your muscles and dancing to the best rhythm of music.
  • When you wonder how to lose your arms in a week, we answer you with Zumba. It is an exercise routine that has become very popular in recent years thanks to its fun dynamics. You can find the routines on the web, or view them online from different sites. The dance is ideal for pregnant women.
  • Yoga, although it does not require very extreme cardio, is one of the best options when it comes to losing weight and toning. Yoga unites the mind with the body, explores the strength and control that you did not know you had and achieve things that you did not think possible. For the arms, thanks to the exercises of balance, stretching and strength, it is toning it more and more in a very natural and safe way. And in addition, it can be the ideal exercise for pregnant mothers.
  • Cross Fit. One of the most intense and popular exercise routines yet. The exercises are performed to the coordinated rhythm of the music and forces you to push your limits. Not only will you get fully defined arms, but it will increase your physical strength and endurance.

How to get lean, toned arms without weights

Leaning your arms can be achieved in a number of ways, and you don’t necessarily have to use weights all the time. The truth is, you can burn the fat off your arms, helping you build new healthy habits and tone them up by burning the fat with cardio.

  • Take care of the diet

Burning fat from the arm area is hard work. However, it will be of great help that you improve your diet so that the fat deposits under the arms do not continue to grow. Replace saturated fats with good fats, ditch junk food, and start a healthy fruit-based diet.

  • Lots of cardio

To burn fat all over the body, including the arms, there is nothing better than cardio. When you wake up in the morning after your first light breakfast, go for a jog for about 40 minutes.

Then, in the afternoons or at night, do a routine at home of moderate or light cardiovascular exercises. You will see how little by little your body will adapt to the changes, your resistance will improve and your body fat will decrease.

Quick exercises to slim your arms and notice changes in a week

Taking into account that you must maintain a healthy lifestyle to burn fat from the arms, you must help yourself with certain quick exercises to accelerate the process. And on the other hand, so you can build muscle and completely eliminate flaccidity and the enjoyment of toned and strong arms.

  • Triceps

With the help of two small weights, lean your winch forward keeping your back straight. Put your elbows in parallel with your torso and lift your hands back until they are completely aligned with your body. Do 10 repetitions on each side in 3 sessions.

  • Biceps

You should be in the same position as before, only the arms will be raised to the sides completely. Simulating the shape of a constant flapping. Repeat 15 times simultaneously with both arms, in 3 sessions.

  • Circles

While standing, extend your arms fully to the sides. Keep your back straight and start creating circles quickly? Hold the position for 30 seconds and repeat for 3 sessions.


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