What Does Sex Feel Like? What Happens After Sex to a Woman?

If you are curious to know more about sex and what it feels like, then don’t worry; we have got your back; in this article, you will discover more and find answers to all the related questions to this topic.

A person who has never been involved in sexual activity can never actually understand the feeling of sex. It is as tricky as to describe the snowfall to a person who lives in the desert and has never lived anywhere else except the desert. It’s just tough to tell it by just words.

Society often limits the word “sex” to pe*is-in-vag*na intercourse, but it is a minimal definition of sex. So many things can be included in this, like anal, genital rubbing, oral, mutual masturbation and fingering, etc.

Only about 40% of people consider handjobs and fingering as a part of sex, and about 60% of people count oral sex as a part of sexual intercourse. More than 85% consider anal sex a part of it, and the percentage of people who think pe*is-in-vag*na sex is more than 97%. Some people also count French kisses as a sexual activity. These are the survey results, which were conducted on 577 people.

Does sex hurt?

No, sex doesn’t hurt unless you are involved in any penetration, which includes the type of sex like anal, anal fingering, pe*is-in-vag*na, or vag*nal sex.

If you are interested in this type of sexual activity, then there is a chance that you will experience some pain. But it’s not a big deal; you can spend a lot of time on foreplay, which helps minimize the pain by making you turn on, and don’t forget to add some lube before the beginning of the penetration. But if it still hurts you, you can also return to foreplay; you can add more lube or try again by changing positions. You can also try non-penetrative activities instead.

You won’t feel pain during oral sex unless the giver uses the teeth, Minor irritation can be caused by the activities such as handjobs, but that too can be overcome by doing simple things like the addition of the lube.

But if you are experiencing a massive pain during sex, then you have to see your doctor because painful penetration can be caused by the health conditions such as vaginismus and endometriosis, 

Does sex feel good?

Sex feels great because our bodies release a flood of hormones that makes us feel good. These hormones include oxytocin and dopamine, which helps us to relax and make us feel happy. That is the primary reason many people want to have sex every day.

Not always does sex feels good; sometimes, the opposite can also happen. It is a chance that you will deal with physical discomfort, or you might feel super-nervous while trying out the new sexual act, which is not your thing. These can be some excellent factors that prevent you from enjoying sex.

If you find sex not so enjoyable or painful, then bear it. You can try your best to make it feel enjoyable by adding the lube, trying non-penetrative sex, or changing positions.

What happens after sex to a woman?

Women want to share a moment with their sexual partners after sex. This affection after sex is somehow related to female behaviors. Experts believe that this affection that comes after sex is highly linked to relationship pleasure in female behaviors. It’s a matter of socialization. Women are frequently socialized to assume that intimacy and sex are similar things.

A hormone called oxytocin is released in the female body, which increases their desire to be involved in loving moments, kissing, and cuddling.

The part of the body’s nervous system called the peripheral nervous system has a high involvement in the bodily responses of the females after sex.

Vag*nal Walls:

The human vag*na is made up of muscles. The walls of the vag*na adapt to the new activity of penetration, and the elasticity of the vag*nal walls changes after having sex. The vag*na of a woman can take a bit of time for the change of lubrication and adaptation for some time.


Women can feel their breasts firmer after having sex because the blood vessels in the breasts can dilate, resulting in swelling in the breast tissues.


As the body becomes used to sex, the swelling up of the cl*toris occurs as the body gets aroused. The cl*toris and uterus start swelling and contracting in response to arousal. These transformations in women increases as the number of times of sex increases.

Size of vag*na:

The vag*na of a woman looks more significant than usual after having sex; It occurs primarily due to the friction caused by the rough sex without the use of lubricant.


The soreness also occurs after sex, but it doesn’t last permanently in just a few minutes.


Because climaxing can produce contractions in the lower abdomen area, some women may have cramps after having sex. Some women may also have a uterus that is inverted and requires medical treatment.

Feel Exhausted:

Women are perfectly natural to feel fatigued after sexual contact. Physical exhaustion or a reaction to substances in the brain could cause. Don’t worry if you’re itchy near your vag*nal area. This might happen as a result of friction or a latex allergy.

What Sex Does to the Brain of a Woman?

According to scientists, when women get aroused, distinct brain areas are stimulated. They also discovered that the brain’s reward center is active before or*asm. Finally, in females, just before they reach the pinnacle of their experience, a region of the brain called the hypothalamus is engaged.

A hormone called oxytocin is released during intercourse in females. This hormone is also known as the love hormone. It has the effect of lowering a person’s defenses and increasing their empathy level.

Last Words

Sex is an act of extraordinary closeness that may cause you to go through various emotions. In general, your body goes through several stages before reaching a climax. It is common to ignore how your body reacts after sex due to weariness or simply enjoying the moment.