Home Exercises What are the best cardio exercises for beginners to burn fat at home?

What are the best cardio exercises for beginners to burn fat at home?

What are the best cardio exercises for beginners to burn fat at home?

Losing weight requires a lot of effort and dedication, it is not something impossible to do. But you will always need perseverance and discipline to achieve your goals. In addition to a healthy eating habit, doing consistent cardio will ensure that you will soon get the body you’ve always wanted. Discover the best cardio exercises at home.

The best cardio exercises you can do at home

The cardio exercises for beginners are important because they will make the gain body condition as trains and spend the day. Gradually building up resistance will be crucial to good performance, but don’t overdo it as you could pass out or have a slump.


  • Jumping jacks

Open and close your legs and arms simultaneously, while jumping over and over again. They are called jumping jacks because they simulate the way they work. It’s a good start and you can do it for 1 minute.

  • Jogging on site

Simulating that we are jogging without moving from the site is ideal to add to the routine. As an exercise in the first place, it will condition your body and raise your heart rate to increase energy and strength. Maintain the rhythm for 1 minute.

  • Knees to chest

Immediately after the jog, begin to raise your knees as high as you can. Always keep your back straight, and lift your knees using the strength of your abs. Hold for 1 more minute.


  • Suicide Drills

Choose a large space inside your home, since you will have to move sideways. Take small and quick steps keeping the rhythm from one side to the other, try to cover as much space as possible and every time you go from left to right, touch the floor with the palm of your hand. Continue for 1 minute.

  • Power squats

Similar to reducing squats, but adding a touch of cardio. The Power Squats require you to jump every time you make a squat and closing legs climbing. Maintain the rhythm and exercise for 30 seconds.

  • Mountain Climber

This group of cardio exercises for weight loss are very strong and effective for burning arm fat. You will have to simulate that you climb a ladder, while jumping with your feet as high as you can. Push off with your abdomen each time you raise and lower your arms. Hold for 1 minute.

What sports equipment do I need to do cardio at home?

For cardiovascular exercises at home you will not need weights or anything like that. Since the sports equipment for this type of training is a little different, since it requires cardiac endurance instead of muscular strength.

  • Jump rope is the most essential tool since cardio requires many jumps.
  • Elastic bands to put pressure on the legs when doing squats.
  • Ideal floor ladders when doing fast circuits or short jogs.
  • Ankle weights the only type of weight you will need will be the ankle weights. Although it is not very mandatory, since it is only recommended when you want to gain muscle mass and strength. If you only want to strengthen the knees or lower it, it will not be necessary.
  • Mats, cardio sometimes requires you to be on the floor. To be more comfortable it is recommended to use a mat.

Starting from there, you already have everything you need to start with your cardio routines at home and you can easily lose weight.

How long should I do cardio to lose weight?

The most important thing to lose weight doing cardio is not to despair. It’s not healthy for you to go for hours and hours training just to burn the most calories in a single day. The most recommended, and it is recommended to do cardio exercises to burn fat or intense cardio exercises for a maximum of 15 minutes.

It is not good about demanding the body, little by little you will gain much more resistance. To do this, you can jog in the morning daily and you will see how day by day you can run one more kilometer or a few more minutes. For the rest, 40 minutes of cardio a day, plus a good diet will make you lose weight quickly.


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