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MAKE-UP: How to use a makeup brush set and what is each one for

MAKE-UP: How to use a makeup brush set and what is each one for

Every makeup lover girl wants to know the function of each of the makeup brushes. There are hundreds of models and shapes! But the most common and functional, abound in every girl’s kit. If you want to learn a little more about the function of your brushes, you can learn it with our makeup tricks.

How to use the makeup brush set correctly

Has it happened to you that you look at makeup tutorials and see that the girl has hundreds of different brushes? Well, believe it or not, each of them have a specific function. It does not mean that you will need to buy 50 brushes, but that you acquire the essential ones so that you can enjoy excellent makeup.

To get started, it is recommended that you have all your brushes in order. You don’t want the material to deteriorate due to having them improperly stored or misplaced. It is preferable that you have them stored in a case, or in a glass without anything touching them or bending the bristles.

  • Know each of the brushes

Most important of all, is that you know the exact function of each brush. You can experiment with using them for various applications, but if you use them for their exact function, you will get a neat result. Visualize each of their differences and separate them according to their function.

  • Do not reuse the brushes once used in a makeup

That is, do not use the same brush to apply two different shades of colors. If you are a fan of extravagant or colorful eye makeup, you will need to purchase numerous brushes so that you can use each one for a specific color. Otherwise you could accidentally mix the colors.

  • Always clean them after putting on makeup

Just because you have a lot of brushes doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of them. If you don’t clean them every time, the bristles deteriorate more and more. And they will get to a point where the bristles will come out on their own, and you will probably end up covered in hair all over your face when you finish putting your makeup on. And you don’t want that!

Types of makeup brushes and brushes and the function of each

We know that there are many brushes, of different sizes and models. But the truth is that you can find many brushes with different models that serve the same thing! In order not to get confused, what you will have to know is with what you best can apply each of the products and what finish you want it to have.

Foundation brush

Foundation brushes can be very different. As we have mentioned, everything will depend on the finish you want to obtain so that you choose the right brush for you. The three most common types of brushes are:  Cat’s Tongue Brush, Dense Round or Flat Brush, Duo fiber Brush, or Skunk.

Brushes for blush, powders and highlighters

There are also various forms and types of these brushes, although they are characterized by being a little looser and with softer loins. In this case, the aim is to give a slight color to the skin and not fill it completely as in the case of the base. We found the idea fan brush for highlighters, skunk brush and loose hair recommended for blushes and powders.

Concealer brushes

In this group are the most varied, since there are many ways to apply a concealer. You can make it thicker, more pronounced, correct the eyebrows, the contour of the nose. And to achieve an ideal finish you will need different sizes of brushes.

Which brush is best for applying my makeup base?

The most important thing to start a makeup, is to get the best possible finish. Therefore, the most important brush model you should choose will be this. We do not want the skin to look like an oil painting, but to have a very natural makeup.

To apply the foundation, the use of a brush with firm bristles is recommended. But soft, since being very hard will create unwanted holes in the makeup. When applying the primer to makeup, if the brush is not suitable, it could mix both textures.

The best brush to achieve an ideal finish will be the cat’s tongue brushWhich is much flatter, and allows the foundation to be applied evenly all over the face and obtain a perfect finish.


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