Home Facial Care How to make or prepare a homemade green clay mask for the face? What is it for? Know the benefits

How to make or prepare a homemade green clay mask for the face? What is it for? Know the benefits

How to make or prepare a homemade green clay mask for the face? What is it for? Know the benefits

You have surely heard of green clay. Perhaps you are not paying much attention at the time. But green clay is extremely beneficial for the skin. And when it comes to face masks, green clay turns out to be one of the best. Learn with us what all the applications of green clay are and how it helps your skin.

Where to buy a green clay mask and what is the price?

Green clay, because it is highly beneficial for the skin. It has become one of the most commercialized clays on the market. And therefore it is very easy to find. The presentations in which you can find them are very varied. It can be powdered, in pieces or various beauty products such as masks have also been manufactured where it is included as the main ingredient.

Therefore, it will only be enough for you to go to your nearest cosmetics store and ask about its existence in the inventory, or if you prefer you can go to the nearest pharmacy. Also, in case it’s a little more comfortable for you. You can easily find it on the internet.

As for the price, it will depend on the presentation in which you buy it and its quantity. For example, skincare products that include it as an ingredient can be around $ 40 to $ 45. But if you go to a pharmacy to buy it in powder or in pieces, the price may vary depending on the grams you buy.

Ingredients to make a homemade green clay mask

Although the green clay mask contains this main ingredient, you must have other substances to get a good use of it. Generally if you prefer, you can simply mix the green clay with water. However, if you really want to have good results, it is recommended to combine it with other beneficial ingredients for the skin. Example:

  • Green clay.
  • Infusion of mint or chamomile.
  • A deep bowl.
  • A brush to apply.

Keep in mind that green clay should not be in contact with metal or plastic, as it will lose all its properties. That is why it is crucial that the container is made of wood, ceramic or clay.

  • Mix a tablespoon of powdered clay with a tablespoon of the mint or chamomile infusion.
  • You can mix with the brush or with your fingers. Until the desired consistency is obtained. In case it is not mixed well, add just a few more drops of the mint infusion.
  • To appease it, you must have a clean and dry face. Avoid areas very close to the mouth and eye line, as the skin can become irritated.
  • It is recommended to test the green clay mixture on your hand before applying it to the face. To see how he reacts. In case your skin is too sensitive for green clay, you can use white clay. It has the same properties but at softer levels.
  • Let the mask dry on your skin for 15 to 25 minutes. And once that time has elapsed, remove the mask with a damp sponge that you will wash as you remove it.
  • Then, thoroughly cleanse your face with lukewarm water and apply your favorite moisturizer.

What is the green clay mask for or what are its benefits?

Clay has been used for beauty for many years. Especially green clay, which provides numerous benefits for the skin. Clay is the result of the decomposition of rocks by wind, water, and the passage of time. Therefore, it is a substance very rich in mineral salts and trace elements. 

Green clay has properties to care for and protect the skin. But in addition, it is used to treat different injuries, irritations, inflammations or ailments. On the other hand, green clay provides an antibacterial effect on the skin.

And in the same way, the benefits of green clay are summarized in that it provides a lot of elasticity to the skin, in addition to many minerals such as aluminum, iron, calcium, silicon, among others. Therefore, it will be amazing to remove blackheads and different skin conditions.


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