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How to make a nail design decorated with love or Valentine’s letters

How to make a nail design decorated with love or Valentine’s letters

A very special date is coming for everyone! And therefore, it is crucial that we are as beautiful as possible. In this case, the most striking thing will be the nails. With incredible Valentine’s Day designs, you will create a look full of harmony that your partner and your friends will love. Have your nails very well decorated and beautiful for this Valentine’s Day!

What material do I need to make a Valentine’s Day decoration on my nails?

If in this New Year you want to start experimenting for yourself in the world of manicure, the first thing you will have to do is stock up with all the necessary materials. To achieve a professional job you need professional materials! Nothing more and nothing less, so take note:

  • Red nail polish in your favorite shade.
  • Beige acrylic paint.
  • Soft acrylic paint.
  • Brush 5/0.
  • Transparent glitter polish.

These are the base colors that you will need to make a special nail design for Valentine’s Day. However, you can choose the colors that you like the most. Use your imagination so that you can find a suitable combination. For instance:

  • Navy blue, gold and leaf green.
  • Scarlet red and white.
  • Dark green and silver.

Remember to always choose a base tone. Not too dark so that the nail can be in a neutral tone. Then the two most striking colors will be a great help for the interior design. You can use your imagination to create the most unique designs. And finally, to give it an extra shine and that is without clumps, remember to apply a transparent glitter coat.

Brushes will be very important! The thickness will depend on what you want to do. In this case, for greater mobility and ease of design, we recommend the 5/0 brush. You will have no problem maneuvering the paint inside your nails.

Cute Valentine’s Day Nail Designs

Based on the materials that we mentioned above, we bring you a manicure design that you will love for this Valentine’s Day. It is not very difficult, and you can do it quietly at home without help from anyone. Follow the next steps: 

  1. Begin by cleaning your nails very well. Moisten the cuticles by dipping them in a mixture of olive oil with crushed garlic and a drop of vitamin E. This will strengthen your nails and protect them from the chemicals in nail polish.
  2. After several minutes, remove the softened cuticles with the help of a cuticle cutter. Be careful not to cut yourself. And finally, clean any dirt they may have with the help of a cotton stick.
  3. Apply a coat of red nail polish. If necessary, apply a second coat for a more striking color. Let it dry completely between coats.
  4. Start drawing the design: Only after they are completely dry, pour some beige polish into a separate mini container. This way you won’t have to have the painting open all the time. With the help of the 5/0 brush, start drawing hearts on all your nails. The size of the hearts will be your choice.
  5. Final touches with white: White will help you highlight the inside of the heart, or make an outline that will give it relief. You can also make a very fine line on the edge of the nail that will look spectacular.
  6. Seal with the clear glitter: To finish, seal the enamels with a thick coat of glitter. Let it dry completely and you are good to go.

LOVE letter designs for nails

To create a LOVE letter design, you will need the same 5/0 brush to outline the letters. You can choose the colors and tones yourself, although we recommend bright and vivid colors such as: Fuchsia, pink, yellow, red, purple, and leaf green, sky blue.

  1. Clean and protect your nails as we mentioned above.
  2. Apply the first coat of nail polish. You can vary the colors between your nails.
  3. On the top four fingers of the hand, draw a letter on each of the nails. LOVE the design you like the most. Vary between the colors if you wish.
  4. On the thumb, you can draw the entire word LOVE, or a series of hearts.
  5. When you have the design ready, seal with a layer of glitter and you are good to go.


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