Home Exercises How to do Pilates exercises and postures at home to slim the abdomen if I am a beginner

How to do Pilates exercises and postures at home to slim the abdomen if I am a beginner

How to do Pilates exercises and postures at home to slim the abdomen if I am a beginner

There are hundreds of ways we can take care of our body. Are you familiar with Pilates? It is the best way to start to heal and strengthen your body, without having to subject your body to an excessive exercise routine. Pilates is the best way to harmonize both your body and your mind! Learn how to do it here.

What is Pilates and how to do it at home?

There are many exercise routines to strengthen the body, however there are few that make your mind exercise as well. Yoga is one of those exercises where total body control is required, and more recently Pilates training has become popular.

With Pilates routines, it is sought that through breathing and concentration, perform certain types of movements and postures with the body. It is a discipline that requires a lot of concentration, and mostly a total harmonization between the body and the mind. Following the philosophy that there is nothing you cannot do with your body, if you have complete control over it using your mind. They are not about cardio exercises, but about control.

To have a good Pilate’s routine, it is important that you maintain steady and safe breathing. This means that it is always through the nose and not through the mouth. And at the same time, keep your abdominal muscles tight. This in order that the muscles can be adequately oxygenated and can obtain the necessary strength.

If you are a woman who seeks to strengthen her body through anaerobic exercise, and obtain beautiful and perfect legs, as well as a complete harmony with the body and mind, Pilates is the ideal training.

Pilates exercises at home for beginners

To be able to do Pilates exercises at home, you don’t need to have too much material. Although it is recommended that you find a quiet area where you can completely relax, if it is in a garden or outdoors, much better. The more ventilated, the better.

1. Roll up

Exercise that works flexibility, so it will require a lot of breathing. Get into an area where you can stretch your towel on the floor and sit on it. Keep your legs straight, and try little by little to grab your feet little by little. Do not do it in a single pull, tense the muscles more and more so that they stretch properly, otherwise you could injure yourself.

2. Rolling back

It involves a lot of control and work on the abdomen, so keep it taught at all times. Sitting on the towel, hug your legs. That is, flex them until they are close to your chest and rest your head on your knees.

Once here, take a series of breaths to tighten your muscles, and roll back in a controlled way. Do not drop suddenly, control the movements of your body. When your back touches the floor, return to the starting position exhaling the air from your lungs.

3. Tone the abdomen and lower back

A little more difficult but much more beneficial. Lie on your back on the towel, and with your arms stretched out at your sides. Raise your legs fully stretched up at a right angle.

Now, it will take a few seconds for you to continue raising your legs with the help of your arms and breathing, bringing them back so that they touch the ground at the back of your head. After being in this position for 20 seconds, slowly return to the starting position.

Benefits of practicing Pilates

All exercise has its advantages. But when it comes to the benefits of yoga or Pilates, they also include the good it does for the mind. Pilates is a very quiet practice that we can all implement in our day to day, to improve our body and mind at the same time.

  • You don’t need a lot of material. A towel will suffice. 
  • It forces the body to work together with the mind to achieve new positions.
  • Improves breathing and oxygenates the muscles. 
  • You can enjoy a lot of comfortable Pilates or yoga clothing that is ideal for allowing many movements to the body. 


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