Home Health Diet HEALTHY DIET AND NUTRITION: What are the foods that are most fattening at dinner? What to eat at night to lose weight?

HEALTHY DIET AND NUTRITION: What are the foods that are most fattening at dinner? What to eat at night to lose weight?

HEALTHY DIET AND NUTRITION: What are the foods that are most fattening at dinner? What to eat at night to lose weight?

Having a very high weight can be harmful to health, so the ideal is to focus on solving this situation. More than an appearance this can be a real problem. Not only because of the fact that extra kilos are gained, but also because of the internal damage caused by certain foods.

You may be wondering what really makes you fat. Because there are many myths like eating late at night will make you fat. But the truth is that this really has nothing to do with the time, but rather with the food you eat. Well, there is the real key to “getting fat.”

So what you should pay more attention to is what you consume. So in this article we will tell you all about the foods or foods that make you fatter and create a belly at night.

What are the foods that make the abdomen fat?

When you see this overweight that affects your whole body, fattening up to the face, legs, arms, abdomen etc. You can be alarmed or think about what you are doing wrong. And this is due to the intake of certain foods that are very harmful to health that are usually quite heavy.

These foods contain a large number of calories, and they are quite difficult to expel from the body. This is why they get much fatter than others. Next we will tell you the 5 foods that are most fattening.

  1. Processed meats.
  2. Fried foods.
  3. Fast food.

There are also other foods that help you gain weight, such as: dressings, sauces, sodas, white chocolate, potatoes, and potatoes. All of these, as they contain high calories that are difficult to break down in the body. What makes you gain more and fatter, while some have not even been completely eliminated?

What foods help you lose weight if you eat them at night?

As I mentioned before, the schedule is not what makes you fat, but the intake of high-calorie foods that are difficult to expel completely. Although it is true that eating too late before going to sleep can cause poor digestion.

However, if you want to lose weight, it will be important to have a diet free of foods that you know are harmful to your body. You can start little by little and eliminate certain foods so that your body gets used to this new diet, just like you.

You can add foods rich in protein and vitamins. Since they are perfect for both digestion and weight loss. Spinach, avocado, steamed fish, tuna, salmon, grilled chicken or turkey, and egg. They contain what is necessary to have a balanced diet at night and contribute to weight loss.

You can eat nuts, bananas, or fruits rich in protein. Try not to go over minimum portions as with the previous foods. Well, they will contribute enough for your body.

Another highly recommended option is green and citrus juices. Since they accelerate the process of expelling harmful toxins and fats in the body, perfect for losing weight.

What foods to avoid eating at night?

Foods that are not necessary at all at night, as they provide calories and substances that are harmful to the body. They are all those that contain sugar in excess, fried foods, dressings, and also what are difficult to digest. This can include healthy foods as many are fattening.

Avoid: meats, vegetables, cold cuts, fried foods, rice, desserts, superficial foods, carbohydrates, dairy, and spicy. Of course you should also avoid fast foods, such as French fries, hamburgers, hot dogs, etc.

Dressed salads are another potential enemy. Since they may be healthy in terms of the main ingredients. But by adding some type of sauce to give it flavor we will be damaging the whole healthy process.

Fruits are high in sugar and protein, so they are not highly recommended during sleep time. But if you prefer, you can eat them in very small portions, or choose one like grapes. Ideally, you should not eat foods high in sugar and calories, which are difficult to digest.


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