Home Health Diet HEALTHY DIET AND NUTRITION: What are the best healthy breakfasts to have energy for the whole day?

HEALTHY DIET AND NUTRITION: What are the best healthy breakfasts to have energy for the whole day?

HEALTHY DIET AND NUTRITION: What are the best healthy breakfasts to have energy for the whole day?

The most important thing when wanting to lose weight, is to remember that you cannot skip any meals. Many people skip breakfast under the pretext of wanting to lose weight by not eating certain foods, when in fact they are doing something that will harm their long-term health. Find here the healthiest way to have breakfast!

The best healthy breakfasts for weight loss

The best way to start your day is by getting enough energy from a proper and nutritious breakfast. Eating healthy does not mean stop eating, or eat something we do not like! Simply eating a balanced meal, which gives us enough energy to continue our day quietly.

  • Fruit salad

Fruit salads are ideal to start the day full of energy, and not overuse unhealthy foods. Vitamins provide many minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and if you choose the right fruits they can help you reduce the appearance of cellulite.

You do not need to eat very exotic fruits, choose the ones you like the most and serve them on a plate accompanied with a glass of milk or cold water.

  • Whole grains

Fiber is highly recommended for everyone who wants to lose weight. Since it promotes good digestion and improves intestinal flora. Making you have more recurrent bowel movements, and the food is digested better and faster. Add fiber to your breakfasts in oats, nuts, asparagus and much more.

Healthy breakfasts for every day of the week

Changing your eating habits is a bit difficult, but not impossible. So if you have decided that this year you will eat much healthier. Here we bring you a healthy breakfast menu with oatmeal and other foods.


  • Yogurt with oatmeal

Yogurt and oatmeal are highly recommended when it comes to losing weight. You can eat both as you wish, blended into a smoothie, or with hot cooked oatmeal. Either way, it will be an ideal supplement for all occasions.


  • Whole wheat bread with avocado and cheese

Don’t forget to include healthy fats, avocado and skim cheese will be the best and most delicious option. Make sure the bread is gluten-free and healthy.


  • Spinach omelet

Healthy breakfasts with eggs are ideal for consuming protein and acquiring the necessary energy. And as for spinach, they are a very powerful source of minerals and vitamins that will be beneficial to your diet.


  • Rye bread, tomato and tofu

Quick and healthy breakfasts can also be nutritious, two pieces of rye bread, with slices of tomato to taste and a tablespoon of tofu. A bomb of vitamins, proteins and minerals that will make you start the day to the fullest.


  • Oatmeal, banana and oat smoothie

Blend 50g of banana, with 140g of chopped strawberries and 40g of flaked oats. Add a large glass of skim milk and blend until everything is combined.


  • Whole wheat bread with peanut butter and  banana

Keep the consumption of peanut butter to a minimum, although it is a good source of energy and healthy fats, in excess it can make you fat.


  • Oatmeal Cookies

Sunday will be your favorite day, since you can have breakfast with cookies made from flaked oats and whole wheat flour. Try that all the ingredients are as healthy as possible, and avoid the use of butter.

Breakfast ideas to have energy all day

Do not let the diet consume you and do not allow you to eat what you want most. Dieting doesn’t have to be torture! You just have to find the perfect balance between what you eat and the calories you consume.

Egg. The egg is a food that cannot be missing in the diets. Since it offers many proteins and vitamins without the need to exceed calories. It is good to balance meals and to give us a lot of strength.

Healthy fats. Many make the mistake of eliminating fat from their diets completely. This is something that should not be done, since we must still maintain the good balance in our body. Avocado and peanut butter are good examples!


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