Home Featured HAIR REMOVAL: Which laser hair removal is better? – Differences between diode laser and alexandrite laser

HAIR REMOVAL: Which laser hair removal is better? – Differences between diode laser and alexandrite laser

HAIR REMOVAL: Which laser hair removal is better? – Differences between diode laser and alexandrite laser

We all know laser hair removal as one of the best ways to partially or permanently remove hair from the body. Today, women prefer these methods to conventional hair removal.

And the truth is, despite the fact that it may present some side effects, it is a great advantage since the results are dazzling. But what types of laser hair removal are the best? Find out here with us.

Types of laser hair removal and which one is better

Today, although the laser hair removal technique has become enormously popular, not all of us know the types of laser hair removal that exist. Therefore, we will name them below:

Ruby laser

In this type of laser hair removal, the device emits light waves in a length of 695nm. This is mostly recommended for fair skin. However, it has not become very popular or commercialized because the risks of burns are very high.

Alexandrite laser

In these devices, the emitted light is 755nm. This is indicated for almost all skin types, and to treat even the most difficult and complicated hairs. This type of body waxing is highly effective on light and medium skin tones.

Diode laser

In Diode laser hair removal, the light that is emitted on the skin is 810nm. It is usually recommended for darker skin types, especially skin with prototypes greater than III.

Neodymium-yang laser

Recommended for darker skin types, phototype V or higher. The light waves emitted by these devices are 1064nm.

Diode laser results and their side effects

The Diode laser is one of the most recommended in cosmetology. Since thanks to the length of the waves emitted, it allows it to penetrate the skin more deeply. In this way, the laser passes through the epidermis and avoids having contact with the melanin. And it makes it easier to access the hair follicles.

When it comes to removing very resistant, hard or thick hair, the Diode laser will be the one. Since in addition to removing hairs in a much easier way, it does not burn the skin or mistreat it. Avoiding any change in pigmentation, compared to the other types of existing laser.

When we ask ourselves, what is the best laser hair removal? We stop to analyze Diode laser hair removal. Since its results are very striking and last for a long time.

On the other hand, many girls wonder if permanent diode laser hair removal hurts, and the truth is that no laser intervention is painless. Although if the soprano laser is used, the pain will be minimal.

Side effects of diode laser hair removal

Despite the fact that this hair removal is very safe, no cosmetic treatment is without repercussions. In case of this type of hair removal, there are the following risks:

  • The skin can be irritated for several days, especially if it is exposed to the sun.
  • It does not work with gray hair.
  • Slight burns can appear without adequate protection.
  • Stains from mistreatment of the skin if it is not done properly.

Is the candela or alexandrite laser effective?

The procedure that is carried out for the alexandrite laser is not very different from that of Diode. However, in this almost the length of the light waves is shorter.

That is why this type of laser is recommended and much more effective against lighter skin. On the other hand, the accomplishment of this hair removal is usually in shorter periods of time since the light covers much more space of skin than the Diode.

Despite being highly beneficial for skin types between me and IV, it is not without side effects. So it’s worth highlighting them before you decide to do it.

  • It is a treatment that is not pain free. Although in this type of hair removal it is usually minimal.
  • If not done properly, the laser can cause minor skin burns or scarring.
  • Bruising or bruising may appear in the next few days almost after you bruise your skin too much.
  • The skin may be a little itchy, especially in the days following the treatment.


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