Home Nail Care Gel Nails peeling off after a day. What to do now? Nail polish hacks

Gel Nails peeling off after a day. What to do now? Nail polish hacks

Gel Nails peeling off after a day. What to do now? Nail polish hacks

Gel Nails peeling off after a day. What to do now?

Is your nail gel starting to peel off? You spend too much time working out exactly which gel nail polish color actually goes with your wardrobe, and then suddenly you look down and notice something wrong. At the tip of your finger, nail gel has started peeling off. It is just like a nightmare.

It’s a huge wave of disappointment that almost kills your confidence. But do not worry about that. You fix this at home. Nails tell a lot about one’s personality, so how do you feel with nails having chipped ends? It will shatter your confidence. Here are some useful suggestions that will help your gel nail polish stay long.

What is Gel Nail Polish?

Gel nail polish comprises methacrylate polymer, which is a long-lasting variety of nail polishes. It is cured with an ultraviolet lamp or ultraviolet LED. It is applied on nails the same as regular nail polishes. Gel nail polishes even last for one to two weeks if you do proper care at home.

How To Fix It?

Always ensure that you are using a gel base coat and gel top coat. Gel base coat is designed as it will bond tightly with the nail plate, which anchors to the colored gel polish. The top coat creates a hard layer on the top of your nails to protect and seal the gel polish.

Cover the edges properly so it can protect against further peeling. Use nail moisturizer to avoid dryness and damage to the nails.

Suggestions to apply a long-lasting gel nail polish

Here are some suggestions to protect your gel nail polish from peeling off. Let’s discuss them.

●     Top coat on Gel nails

When you notice the gel nail polish starts peeling off, don’t peel off. Always file the nail from where the nail is chipped and seal the chipped nail with a top coat. It will secure your manicure to hold out until you have decided to remove the gel.

●     Hands moisturization

Always keep your hands moisturized and massage cuticle oil to encourage flexibility and prevent the chipping of gelled nails. Dry nails lead to cracked nail polish. Always use hand cream. Always use branded nail gel to be less cracked, and the peel-off process starts late. Massage cuticles with cuticle oil every day.

●     Prevention from water

The best way to protect the gel nail is to wear gloves while washing up and cleaning. Avoid the opening of cans and boxes barehanded. Nail-biting should be avoided. Keep the nails away from the mouth. If you accidentally bit a nail, quickly add a top coat. So to avoid that mishap, you should wear protective gloves to give life to your nail gel.

●     Don’t pick gel nail polish

Our nails are composed of 25 keratinized skin cells layers; when you peel off your gel, it will remove your nail’s top protective layer. It will cause the nails to become thinner and weaker and even. So when the gel nail polish starts peeling off, don’t peel off the gel polish yourself. It will cause damage to your nail’s skin cells. Always remove the gel nail polish from professionals to reduce the rate of damage.

●     Use of cuticle oil

Cuticle oils help to keep the skin of nails healthy. It is rich in nutrition, increases blood circulation around the nails in results helping them to grow faster. Additionally, It also protects the gel from peeling. Recommended use of cuticle oil is twice a day to avoid dry and damaged skin.

●     Use thin coats of polish

The key to long-lasting gel nail polish is the application of thin and smooth layered gel polish. It is easy to do one single thick layer to save time. But it’s for a short time. It will not help you long as thicker layers peel off quickly.

●     Always keep your hand dry

Try to keep your hands dry as much as possible. As your nails are less flexible, it is more likely to break easily. So keep your hands dry to avoid this. Moisture and gel polish are true enemies, so try to keep them apart. Apply gel polish when your nails are completely dry to avoid any infection.

●     Stay away from any clipper

If you contact any clipper, it may damage the seal of the gel nails. Gel nail polish will remove easily. Avoid clippers as much as you the want nail polish to stay safe on your nails.

●     The time between manicures

Nails also undergo Dehydration. Our nails also need water and moisture like the rest of the body. When we repeatedly do manicures, it will suffocate our nail beds and cuticles, which will lead to damage and breakage.

●     Cause of bacterial growth

You should avoid any damage to the nails gel because once the gel starts spelling off to the nails, air starts gathering under the gel, and moisture gets trapped into the gel, which can cause bacterial growth, causes infections, and damage to the nails, which in turn weakens the nails.

●     Removal of gel by professionals

In saloons, gel removal can be done more quickly and safely. Professionals use modern techniques and quality measures to remove the top coat more safely, allowing acetone to work quickly and thoroughly.

●     Care of nails after gel removal

After peeling, moisturization is an important key. Try not to pick your nails and the skin around the nails to avoid damage. Picking off the gel causes the nails to become weaker, making it difficult for the nail to regain its strength.

Bottom line

Now we can say that if gel polish starts peeling off, we still have a way out by moisturizing. Try not to pick the nails and skin around the nails while they are in the healing process. Immediately apply the topcoat on nails if they start peeling off. As the peeling weakens your nail, recovering the damage takes a few days. By following some precautions, we can avoid peeling off gel polish.