Home Skin Care FACE MASKS: What is milk of magnesia for and what are the uses of milk of magnesia for the face?

FACE MASKS: What is milk of magnesia for and what are the uses of milk of magnesia for the face?

FACE MASKS: What is milk of magnesia for and what are the uses of milk of magnesia for the face?

Both in the world of health and beauty, men and women have been updated in terms of the products, ingredients or substances that they can use.

The magnesia milk, has maintained its properties for long. And today, its applications are very extensive. Therefore, today you will learn how to take advantage of milk magnesia for your personal care.

What are the uses or what is milk of magnesia for?

The applications of milk magnesia, in past years was reduced only to treat stomach damage. Since it is ideal to regulate the pH of the same, and thus alleviate different types of irritations.

However, as it is known that magnesium is an essential mineral for the body. Its uses were growing. Especially for strengthening the nerves and muscles.

Although milk magnesia is also used to treat and relieve pain caused by constipation. And it is recommended to relieve pain in pregnancy. As long as the doctor recommends it.

On the other hand, in addition to being highly beneficial when you consume it, you can also make a milk of magnesia mask. It is special to eliminate fat and to hydrate the face naturally.

For example, milk of magnesia for the face is ideal before any makeup. Because it will create a protective layer on the skin, making it much more moisturized and glowing.

However, if it is not administered or applied properly, it can cause certain adverse reactions. For example:

  • Allergic reactions. Hives, swelling of the lips, throat, tongue, or face.
  • Rectal bleeding.
  • Bowel movement stops.
  • Development of nausea or vomiting.
  • Acceleration of heart rhythms.
  • Spontaneous dizziness or fainting spells.
  • Tingling sensation on the skin
  • Sensation of heat, redness or pinkness on the skin.

Therefore, milk magnesia brings many benefits as long as it is administered carefully and with responsibility on the part of all.

Benefits of using milk of magnesia for face or acne

Many years ago when the Irishman James Murray prepared the first magnesium fluid, he did not know how successful it would be. Later, around 1880, Charles Phillips formulated what is known today as Philips milk magnesia.

It is incredibly popular, this substance has caused a stir throughout the world thanks to its incredible benefits. At first, these were special to regulate stomach and intestinal damage.

Children were quickly relieved of their ailments thanks to milk magnesia, and adults, found a simple and effective solution for heartburn or constipation.

However, over the years, its uses have expanded. And today milk magnesia is known as a multipurpose substance. That can be used both for consumption and for cutaneous application. 

Today, all people enjoy the aesthetic benefits it brings. Especially to treat conditions such as acne, or spots caused by external factors.

This is because milk magnesia is special to eliminate fatty acids and also to regulate the pH of the skin. Therefore, it works as a mortifying substance. Leaving the skin smooth and shiny. At the same time, it is responsible for reducing open pores. And at the same time, it prevents its obstruction or its contamination by external factors.

How to use milk of magnesia as an underarm deodorant?

As we have mentioned previously, the properties and uses of milk magnesia are multiple. And in this case, milk magnesia can be used as a deodorant.

Especially since it works as an antiperspirant, when applied directly to the armpits. It does not pose much risk, and in a short time you will have completely healthy armpits.

The magnesia milk underarm, works as a painkiller. Which you can apply after waxing the area to prevent it from becoming irritated or contaminated.

In the same way, milk magnesia protects the skin from prolonged exposure to the sun. And it relieves the effects of irritation or redness. It will only be enough to apply a small layer of milk magnesia so that your armpits are protected.


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