Home Facial Care EYESHADOW: How should green eye makeup be applied and what are the best shadows or eyeliners?

EYESHADOW: How should green eye makeup be applied and what are the best shadows or eyeliners?

EYESHADOW: How should green eye makeup be applied and what are the best shadows or eyeliners?

Makeup is the most versatile and universal in the world of fashion, cosmetics and aesthetics. Because we can all use it, and we can all adapt it to our tastes and imagination. There are no limits to what you can do in makeup! So no matter what eye color you have, or what skin tone you are, you can design your best makeup with the best products.

How to do eyeliner and what is the best eyeliner for green eyes?

It is known that the eyes are the windows to the soul, since they transmit each and every one of our emotions. If we are tired, they will look tired, if we are happy, they will look happy, and so on with any other emotion that overwhelms us in the moment. So if you fill them with color, your look will transmit with more intensity!

The eyeliner is one of the most important steps in green eye makeup, since being a very striking eye color you can help yourself with other colors that will highlight your look.

Bright colors such as blue, purple, or orange will make your look stand out full of color. Especially if you accompany it with the best colors of shadows for green eyes, you will have a dazzling look. But how do you make up your eyes?

  1. Prepare your skin around your eyes by applying a coat of primer. This will help seal any pores that are left open, and will make the skin much smoother so that the color remains more vivid on it.
  2. You can choose to line the eyes with pencil or liquid eyeliner, depending on the finish you want to achieve.
  3. If you choose to pencil in pencil, start by applying a thin line of product to the upper eyelid. If desired, you can blend with a small brush to give a Smokey eye finish.
  4. In case you have chosen to outline with a liquid product, draw a wing that can be thick or thin. But this you will not be able to blur it on its own, but with the help of other shadows.
  5. For the lower eyelid, it is recommended to outline and blend with a color similar to the shadow you use. Thus, the look and will be framed in a similar color tone.

What are the best green eye shadow colors?

The girls with green eyes, have the incredible opportunity to highlight as they wish. They already have a colorful look, so just add a little more to make them look stunning. As for the shadows, the only color that would not highlight the look more would be the same green. Because what is sought is to create a contrast between colors so that the green of the eyes stands out.

Therefore, choosing the ideal shades for your eyes will be important so that the makeup, whether in gradient, classic, smoke or natural, is spectacular. The best colors can be the following:

  • Combination of blue with purple.
  • Gradient from dark green to blue.
  • Intense pink with brown.
  • Golden shades and brown tones.
  • Dark shades such as black, navy blue, or dark red.

Keep in mind that you can combine any color you want, as long as you make a good gradient and the shadows are as polished as possible. To avoid lumps and make-up look imperfect.

How should eye makeup be step by step?

On this occasion, we will give you a short step-by-step eye makeup, so you can do it at home easily, quickly and look like a professional.

  1. Apply primer to cover blemishes.
  2. Start by applying a light base shadow to flatter your skin. This should be lighter than the following shades.
  3. Depending on the shape you want to give your makeup, start by applying the first colored shadow.
  4. Blend correctly avoiding clumps. With a clean brush, apply the second color. If you want, clean the lower area of ​​the eyelid with primer so that the second base can stand out much more.
  5. Once the colors blend in, do the lining. In these cases, liquid eyeliner is recommended.
  6. Finish by blurring the lower eyelid with a gradient in the same shades of shadow.


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