Home Skin Care EYEBROWS: What is hair-to-hair eyebrow micro pigmentation or micro shading? What is the price and how long does it last?

EYEBROWS: What is hair-to-hair eyebrow micro pigmentation or micro shading? What is the price and how long does it last?

EYEBROWS: What is hair-to-hair eyebrow micro pigmentation or micro shading? What is the price and how long does it last?

Just as the face is one of the most important features of the whole body, the gaze is the most important part of it. And therefore, it will always be vital that we have extraordinary eyebrows to frame the look.  But, not all girls have bushy eyebrows that they can shape to their liking.

In this case, the new micro pigmentation technique has managed to save the lives of many. If this is your case, learn everything you need to know about eyebrow micro pigmentation!

What is the price of eyebrow micro pigmentation and how long does it last?

There are many doubts about how much eyebrow micro pigmentation is worth or the price of the eyebrow tattoo. Many girls doubt whether this is an expensive procedure or not.

The truth is that brow micro pigmentation prices vary a lot from place to place. The best thing is that you do not skimp on prices, and choose the center that can do it best. This way you will be much more satisfied with the results.

Eyebrow micro pigmentation is not a permanent procedure, however it is an alternative for all those girls who have few hairs on their eyebrows, and do not want to spend too much time every day constantly putting on makeup. Many girls use eyebrow fixation methods, but for those who have almost no hair, micro pigmentation will be ideal.

On the other hand, the duration of this procedure will depend on the quality of the pigments used and the care that is given to them after the procedure. Of course, you can continue with your daily routine, but you must be aware that if you want your pigments to last longer, you must take care of them.

Ideally, go monthly for maintenance. And that in this way the eyebrows do not lose color. And an important tip is to always paint your eyebrows the same color as your hair. Otherwise, you will have to wait for the pigment to completely fall off to apply another shade.

Eyebrow micro pigmentation hair by hair before and after

The before and after eyebrow micro pigmentation can be viewed immediately after the procedure is completed. Since the hairs are the exact color, and the eyebrow is completely structured. Of course, there will be girls who notice a much more drastic difference than others. But it will depend on factors such as:

  • The amount of hair on your eyebrows that you had before the procedure.
  • The thickness of the pigmentation.
  • The color. In case it was too pronounced or too light.
  • The way they drew the eyebrows.

It is normal to feel a little fearful when doing these types of procedures. Therefore, it is important that you go to a professional and that above all you are sure of the color you will use. Since in this case, you will not be able to lighten your eyebrows with traditional methods.

In the same way, hygiene will play a very important role. Like any aesthetic intervention, if the necessary hygiene measures are not taken, it can have consequences on the skin. And above all, follow all the steps to follow after micro pigmentation so that it heals properly and lasts much longer.

What is the difference between micro blading and eyebrow micro pigmentation? Micro shading vs. micro blading

Although many girls often confuse eyebrow micro blading and micro pigmentation techniques, the truth is that they are very different. Except for the little similarities. In other words, the main difference is that micro blading is a semi-permanent technique and micro pigmentation is permanent. 

  • Eyebrow micro pigmentation

This is done by drawing each hair on the eyebrows with a demography. At the tip, it has a needle-like instrument to draw the outline of the eyebrows, and a needle with several tips to draw the fill and shading of the same.

  • Eyebrow micro blading

In this technique, the eyebrows are drawn hair by hair by an instrument called a taboriwhich is similar to a metal scalpel with which the entire procedure is performed. This technique is much more natural than micro pigmentation, but it lasts much less.


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