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EYEBROWS: How to make perfect eyebrows with eyebrow design or visagism according to each face

EYEBROWS: How to make perfect eyebrows with eyebrow design or visagism according to each face

Have you ever wondered the best technique to make your eyebrows always perfect? Well, you have found yourself facing the answer. Because visagism or visagism is the technique that is revolutionizing the way we pluck our eyebrows. No more misshapen or misplaced brows. Your face will be splendid with this technique. Learn to do it here!

What is brow visagism?

Visagism is a makeup technique that seeks to harmonize all the angles of the face, and create an ideal facial model for each type of face. It is so precise, that to create a perfect design, first look for the volumes, shapes and measurements that will favor each type of face much more.

This type of technique is ideal for preparing the face and eyebrows before micro blading or micro pigmentation. It ensures that the result is perfect and there is no type of out of square angle that can give an unfavorable appearance to the face. So if your favorite beauty salon is implementing this technique, you can rest easy knowing that you will be perfect at all times. 

The contrast between the shadows and the lights is the key to making the areas to be worked on obtain much more depth. In this way, once these areas are determined, they are respectively made up with different shades of makeup to compensate for the faults in each area. It should be noted that:

  • Areas that need more depth will be made up with much darker makeup shades.
  • To give less depth, a make-up tone lighter than the skin tone will be applied.

Characteristics that are taken into account for visagism

Despite being a makeup technique, the first steps or the study of Visagism do not need makeup. Since this technique seeks the symmetrical perfection of the face, the measurement of features such as:

  • The face relative to the eyebrows.
  • The length of the nose.
  • The distance between the eyes.

According to the measurements obtained from the previous study, the beauty professional can draw a map on your eyebrows, with which she will guide herself to apply makeup accordingly. A perfect face, according to the visagimos measures, has the following features:

  • Oval face contour.
  • The nose should measure one third of the face.
  • The nose must be located in the second third of the face.
  • The mouth should be half the distance from the nose from the chin. 
  • The mouth should be located in the third of the face.
  • The two sides of the face must be symmetrical.
  • The separation between the two eyes should be the length of a single eye. 

However, it is clear that each person has a different face style. And this does not mean that we cannot enjoy a perfect eyebrow design, but for this it is necessary for professionals to study the different types of faces that exist:

  • Diamond: The forehead and chin are narrowed, making the cheekbones more pronounced.
  • Oval: Considered the perfect face, and it is a face with balanced shapes.
  • Square: The forehead and jaw are very marked and with firm angles.
  • Round: A little wider than oval but with soft angles.
  • Triangle: The forehead is much wider than the chin and the cheekbones are prominent.
  • Inverted triangle: It is the rarest face style and consists of a forehead that is smaller than the chin. The angles are much firmer, the cheekbones look bigger than the cheekbones. 

Visagism for the face

As you may have noticed, visagism is a technique that you can use to harmonize the face and not just the eyebrows. So if you already have your perfect eyebrows, it is time for you to complete the makeup and harmonize the face completely.

The angles of the face can be used in your favor so that you can highlight the areas of your face that need it, and to reduce the size in those areas that are needed. If you can master this technique you can make a perfect visa gym yourself at home not only on your eyebrows but also on your face.


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