Home Health Diet DIET FOODS: What is detox or fat burning soup and how to prepare it to lose weight in a short time?

DIET FOODS: What is detox or fat burning soup and how to prepare it to lose weight in a short time?

DIET FOODS: What is detox or fat burning soup and how to prepare it to lose weight in a short time?

Within the fitness world, there are many diets. Some are stricter than others, and many that are healthy and beneficial for the body. Have you heard about detox soup or fat burning? If you have not done it, here we will give you all the tips and recipes to make it easily.

What is a detox soup or fat burning soup?

The detox soup or fat-burning soup is a vegetable soup that will give you all the vitamins you need to be healthy, and at the same time lose weight quickly without suffering any risk. It is a seven-day nutritional routine, in which you promise to lose weight completely assured. 

Every diet has a margin of error, and most of the time the results are not what we expect. However, the testimonials and opinions on this diet are incredible. And more and more people are joining in the practice of this eating routine.

Many comment that it is a miracle soup, and that they have obtained results that they have never achieved before with another diet. But how does it work? The soup removes toxins from the body, and all you have to do is eat exclusively what the soup diet dictates. 

The broth is prepared with greens and vegetables, and you can consume it as many times as you want and in the amount you want. This has become an ancient soup that promises to lose up to seven kilos in a single week. However, you cannot exceed seven days on a diet under any circumstances. 

The story behind this soup arises from a group of specialists in the United States, who patented this recipe in order to make patients who urgently need heart surgery to lose weight quickly. And therefore, this diet is only recommended when you want to see quick results.

So the most important thing is, that you do not take this diet as something habitual. Since it can cause serious long-term problems. If you want to have a healthy life and lose weight, the only thing that will not have long-term repercussions is a good diet and constant cardiovascular exercise.

Recipes to prepare a detox soup at home

The fat burning soup is very effective, as long as you know how to prepare it. It is essential that vegetables and greens are as fresh as possible, and above all, very well washed.

  • 1/2 cabbage or bracelets cabbage in pieces.
  • 6 large fresh peeled tomatoes
  • 6 large onions, cut into pieces.
  • Sea salt and pepper
  • 3 celery stalks.
  • 2 large green bell peppers.

Chop all the ingredients and pour them into a saucepan with mineral water. So that you have the exact measurements, the same amount of ingredients will be the same amount of water. Then, simmer the vegetables with the lid on to steam them.

You can set the boiling time yourself, however to make it taste better, let it boil until the vegetables are very well cooked and the broth has thickened a little.

You can save it and freeze it to eat it in portions. If you want to enjoy a good flavor, heat it before eating it, although it is not strictly necessary. Remember that it is the only thing you will eat for the first few days. Then you can include certain types of fruits to the diet, avoiding as much as possible eating fruits with too much sugar.

Why is fat burning soup so effective?

The fat-burning soup allows the body to burn calories as heat. Also, many people say they feel stronger and lighter after seven days.

It is true that you lose weight quickly without fail, however this soup does not provide the energy or protein that the body needs to function properly. That is why you cannot extend its duration more than seven days. 

In addition, no nutritionist will recommend it, since it is only used in extreme cases where the person needs to lose weight due to serious health problems. But if you want to give it a try, remember to stick to a schedule, stock up on fruits and vegetables, and have a lot of willpower. If you are pregnant, another type of diet will be better for you, not this one.


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