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10 Best Halal Nail Polish and Skin Care Products and Brands

10 Best Halal Nail Polish and Skin Care Products and Brands

10 Best Halal Nail Polish and Skin Care Products and Brands

Halal nail polish and skincare products have become more prevalent in recent years. Muslim women are interested in looking their best without compromising their religious and spiritual beliefs. 

Unlike their non-halal counterparts, these polishes don’t contain pork by-products, alcohol or other ingredients that Muslims can’t use or consume due to the Islamic faith, which means you can use them with confidence that they aren’t harming your body or spirit. 

Check out this list of the ten best halal nail polish and skin care products and brands, including mineral makeup, organic oils, and cruelty-free cosmetics.

10 Best Halal Nail Polish and Skin Care Products and Brands

1. Al-Zawaj Al-Ikhtiyari Nail Polish

Al-Zawaj Al-Ikhtiyari Nail Polish is a professionally made product certified under Islamic Law. It is non-toxic, water-soluble and manufactured in an FDA-approved laboratory. The Al-Zawaj Al-Ikhtiyari Nail Polish glides smoothly on your nails, dries quickly and lasts longer than regular polishes.

The formula is free of ethyl acetate and other harmful chemicals like phthalates, toluene, dibutyltin dilaurate (DBT), camphor or formaldehyde. This almighty product can be applied by one finger stroke after shaking well for 10 seconds before use.

Popularity of AI-Zawaj AI-Ikhtiyari Nail polish

Halal nail polish can be tough to find, but we’ve got a solution. AI-Zawaj has been in business for over 40 years as one of Pakistan’s leading cosmetics distributors and manufacturers. 

Its Halal nail polishes come in over 80 colours ranging from natural light tones to bold, vibrant hues, so you’re sure to find your match. The brand also manufactures other essential beauty items like skin cream, hair oils, lipstick shades of red and pink, facial powder foundations and mascara—all considered halal.

2. DRU Organic Cosmetics

Halal cosmetics, also known as Muslim makeup, refer to makeup that doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. Many big-name cosmetics companies sell lines of halal cosmetics for Muslim women all over the world. However, suppose you want to ensure that your cosmetics are absolutely 100% free from all najis (unclean) ingredients.

In this case, it is preferable to purchase a cosmetic brand devoted to making safe products free of plant oils and alcohol. DRU organic Cosmetics is one such online store that sells only certified organic and vegan personal care items, which are made especially for Muslim women who want to look their very best while observing their religion.

DRU Organic Cosmetics has a variety of Halal and organic cosmetics packaged in recycled and recyclable materials. They are Certified Organics and Halal. They are free of animal-derived ingredients. They are not tested on animals.

The popularity of DRU Organic Cosmetics

Over 30 percent of Muslims in America are black—and nearly 50 percent of those Muslims are women. African-American Muslim women are one of your most potent markets. You need to start appealing to them if you want your brand to go mainstream. If a non-African American Muslim woman wears makeup, she’s considered fast or secular.

So why is it so difficult for Black Muslims in America to find cosmetics they can wear? Must it have something to do with all the utterly irrational labels surrounding feeling confident as a woman in traditional Islamic groups? But if you ask me, I think there’s a real opportunity here—if you market right.

3. Henna Caravan

Organic hair colour is cruelty-free, vegan, gluten-free, chemical-free, paraben-free, sulphate-free and alcohol-free. Suppose you’re looking for an organic product with all-natural ingredients that don’t contain harsh chemicals to dye your hair (or henna tattoos). In that case, Henna Caravan is worth a try.

Henna Caravan is unique in its Herbal Color Formula, which produces permanent results on any hair – blonde, black or brown – without harsh chemicals. There are more than 40 shades to choose from, ranging from neutral to bright tones, to find something perfect for your unique colouring.

The popularity of the Henna Caravan

Henna Caravan is a semi-permanent hair dye that creates dazzling, long-lasting, colourful effects. It leaves your hair soft, shiny and free of harsh chemicals. Henna Caravan is gentle on sensitive scalps and 100% vegan-friendly. 

It is made in the USA with natural ingredients. This company uses only natural Henna from a special kind of tree (the Lawsonia Inermis) found in Africa, India, Yemen and other warm regions of Asia.

4. 786 Cosmetics

Founded in 2013, 786 is a cosmetics brand that provides easy-to-use quality makeup for women worldwide. They are also one of very few cosmetics companies whose mission focuses on Muslim women by providing quality formulas that can be easily worn as part of a hijab or niqab.

You’ll find high pigmentation lipsticks, mascara, brushes, and more. Each product you buy has 786 hidden inside it, which they call their commitment to quality. They also have Khol Liner that makes applying eyeshadow easier than ever before! Plus, almost all their products are paraben-free, so you can feel good about using them.

The popularity of 786 Cosmetics

786 Cosmetics is a cosmetics company launched in 2013 by seven female Muslims. Their goal was to create beautiful cosmetics without alcohol, pork, or other prohibited ingredients. 

Today, their brand has expanded to include several lines of perfume and skincare, but they still only use halal ingredients. Customers praise their foundation for providing buildable coverage while still feeling light on the skin.

786 offers a makeup-removing muslin cloth with every purchase that reviewers say makes removing makeup a breeze, even waterproof mascara. 

This company is devoted to creating cosmetics while maintaining Islamic standards of purity; they are not cruelty-free or vegan because of these standards, so be sure you’re OK with that before purchasing their products.

5. Maya Cosmetics

Maya Cosmetics is a proud manufacturer of cosmetics for Muslim women. We have everything from foundation to eyeliner. Our cosmetics are made without alcohol, so you can trust that your skin will be soft and healthy. 

Our nail polishes are also free of harmful ingredients such as DBP, Formaldehyde, Toluene, Camphor, Ethyl Tosylamide (ETU), Xylene and Parabens. Select from three ranges: Sweet Treats (available in 21 shades), Pampering Petals (14 shades) or Chic & Chirpy (18 shades).

The popularity of Maya Cosmetics

Maya Cosmetics has been in business for over 20 years. They make all-natural, organic and vegan cosmetics free of parabens, sulphates, and sodium lauryl/Laureth sulphate. Every product is cruelty-free; no animal testing is performed on any Maya Cosmetics product or ingredient.

With such an excellent reputation behind them, it’s not hard to see why they are so popular! Their prices are very reasonable considering what you get in return: natural ingredients with no fillers or harmful chemicals for your body. You can find everything from face wash to eye shadow palettes at their online store – there is something for everyone!

6. Merci Cosmetics

Merci, growing fast since it was founded in 2011, currently has more than 150 items on its website. It ships globally (except to three countries), but there’s no search function, so it can be hard to find specific items; email them if you have any questions. 

What makes Merci stand out is that it not only avoids animal-derived ingredients but also adheres to sharia law (the Islamic rules of behaviour), with all of its packaging being sealed by an imam. Along with a standard range of eye shadows, lipsticks and other beauty staples, Merci sells Henna for temporary tattoos and full hijabs for Muslim women who cover their hair.

The popularity of Merci Cosmetics

Besides, the health benefits of Merci Cosmetics make it widely famous in countries. In addition to that, another specialty of Merci cosmetics is that these cosmetics are free from parabens, phthalates or any other harmful chemicals which often irritate users’ skin.

This makes it very popular among youngsters. They do not want to ruin their healthy skin by using inferior quality cosmetic products. Another specialty of Merci cosmetics is that many experts use it as medicine to improve their beauty due to its effect on our bodies. A good number of satisfied users have experienced positive changes in their overall personality after using these cosmetics regularly.

7. Vivre Breathe

If you need a quick pick-me-up, Vivre Breathe is your answer. The fast-acting aromatherapy formula comes in various smells, including peppermint for clarity, lavender for mood improvement and serenity, or lavender jasmine for energy and well-being.

Once you’ve found your favourite scent (or combination of scents), try it on these five parts of your body to help relieve some stress: hands, neck, décolletage, feet or anywhere that seems like it could use a lift. Choose from Vivre Breathe’s cream or oil formulas, depending on how hydrated your skin is. And remember—they’re vegan!

The popularity of Vivre Breathe

According to data, Muslims spent approximately 145 billion dollars on various items in 2013. The conversion rate increases every year due to Islamic population growth and current-day efforts by Muslims worldwide to educate non-Muslims about their religion. 

This increase is also attributed to younger generations being more attracted to Islamic practices. Many young consumers are looking for something that makes them feel special or unique. Halal cosmetics make consumers feel special because they cannot be found at any mall or retail store in various colours, sizes, and designs that other companies do not have access to.

8. Nailberry

Nailberry’s mission is to show that beautiful nails are possible for anyone with any busy lifestyle. We strive to create high-quality, zero-toxic nail polishes without parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde or resins.

Nailberry offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and its refinements boast longer-lasting coverage than most others in their price range. A company also claims to have discovered a method to entangle inks within its innovative makeup products without compromising colour or method quality.

Popularity of Nailberry

If you are looking for some luxurious products from a cosmetic brand, Nailberry will be your first choice. The reason is that Nailberry is a British natural beauty brand founded in 2009 by Nimue Smit. This company produces lipsticks, foundations, eyeliners and so on.

These cosmetics offer a moisturizing effect using precious oils like avocado oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil etc. Nailberry also offers its cosmetics to Muslim women worldwide with its range of halal-certified cosmetic line Muse. This range of makeup provides 16 shades of lipsticks under Halal certification.

9. Inglot

Inglot makes some of my favourite makeup products, including one of my favourite shadows (a total dupe for MAC’s Snob). They also have an incredible selection of shades, from bright blue to nude. Their prices are pretty good; most Inglot-brand items cost about $8-$15. If you want something higher-end, check out their Freedom System Palettes. In these customizable palettes, you can mix any colour you like.

I love to love: ILoveLove is another excellent brand that offers quality and beauty in its makeup options. They have a massive range of colours available in creams, liquid mattes, and shimmery pigments. You can use them individually or mix them to create your unique shades!

Popularity of Inglot

Inglot offers a wide variety of cosmetics. Their products are 100% vegetarian and are halal, kosher, and without parabens. Every product is made in a way that will not harm animals or humans. They ensure no animals are harmed by testing their ingredients or environmental contamination during production. 

10. Niya Cosmetics

Niya Cosmetics is a company run by a young lady who understands precisely what is essential for Muslim women in today’s world. She provides cosmetics that are not only Halal but also offer its customers the maximum value for their money. The Niya Cosmetics lipsticks, eye shadows, foundation compact powders, blushes and palettes have a long-lasting effect on your face while making it look natural.

They do not make you look like someone else but instead enhance your beauty by bringing out your inner confidence to shine through. Niya offers its customers personalized makeup kits based on their specific requirements.

The popularity of Niya Cosmetics

In past years, we have also seen a tremendous increase in Niya beauty products from Muslim women. Niya’s Halal Cosmetics is an online-based brand that offers high quality yet affordable cosmetic range for Muslim women. There is a massive demand for Niya cosmetics among Muslim women who prefer to wear cosmetics but are looking for alternatives to conventional cosmetic brands tested on animals.

According to a survey, around three million Muslims follow halal dietary practices in the UK. They use only ‘halal’ cosmetics and skincare products. Niya aims to make their lives easier by offering more than 200 varieties of ‘Halal Certified’ cosmetic products at reasonable prices.

10 Best Halal Nail Polish and Skin Care Products and Brands


If you want to keep your nails looking good, you need excellent nail polish. As many of you know, most mainstream nail polishes contain a few no-nos in terms of being Halal. With all this in our brain, we resolved to make a list of The 10 Best Halal Nail Polish Brands and Products for Muslimah Nails.